Up Against the Wall: Bye Bye Blackbird

DSCF1617Up Against the Wall: Bye Bye Blackbird

The spotlight is on the crows, perched on a wire and facing a solid cement wall. While it appears they are suspicious, under scrutiny and the subject of some police investigation, could it be they are simply displaced? Or should it be the other way around?
Today the world is faced with climate change; the product of man’s industrialization, his careless and wanton burning of fossil fuels has forced the earth’s atmosphere to react to the millions of tons of carbon being pumped into it every year. The reaction isn’t pretty, glaciers are disappearing at an alarming rate and storms are becoming more violent. Seasons are changing. Winter is shorter. Snow melt comes earlier. Summer lasts longer. “Nature” is confused.
While the earth warms, habitats are changing. Animals, sensitive to even the smallest change in climate and elevation, are on the move. The pika, sensitive to temperature, moves to higher elevations. The polar bear in his search for hunting grounds on ice has become isolated. Genetic predispositions call out to reproduce, which need is met by mating with the grizzly bear-is it a pizzly or a grolar bear? The Kentucky warbler mates with its northern cousin. Where species aren’t lost entirely, others will be changed and diluted, moved and removed.
These crows are representative of all of the creatures of nature. All of them, large and small, are literally Up Against the Wall, faced with displacement, loss of unique species or extinction. The spotlight should call attention to their plight, but, the spotlight should be on man.


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