Gunslinger Update

Gunslinger Update

While still not complete, the Gunslinger is getting closer by the hour – so far, I think about 60 hours of painting time have elapsed, with another 6 to 8 just studying shadowing and fabric folds….blah blah blah….I don’t supposed anyone would comment?


The Gunslinger Becomes a Saga in Painting

DSCF2396The Gunslinger Becomes a Saga in Painting

This is a large piece for me, being 24″ by 30″. I began this oil on canvas about six days ago, working daily and feel like it’s still very rough. I’ll get there….posting stages of work allows me to view certain aspects “from a distance.”

Working on Water (detail) – still on the easel

Working on Water (detail) - still on the easel

Faced with the dilemma of beautiful weather, with the garden calling, and a canvas that was beckoning me with conditions that prevent me from smearing my hand across wet oil….I chose both! I worked on the water’s surface, the reflective aqua over sap green and Payne’s grey…it added another layer of depth between the viewer and the hull of the boat.
The mystery continues as this man is now dressed in a trench coat, collared shirt and tie…who is he? What is he doing on a shrimp boat?

On the Easel this week

On the Easel this week

If I were painting this is acrylic, I think I would be done by now….waiting for oils to dry (before I put my hand in wet paint…again). I’ve roughed this in, wanting to capture the blessing of the shrimping fleet this April in Pass Christian, Mississippi…but not wanting to paint the rigging and thousands of flags! I chose to focus on the contrast of colors and add some mystery….what just went over the side?