On the easel…another mystery!

DSCF2202DSCF2201On the easel...another mystery!

What is under that cloth? Dare we wonder….or do you not want to know?


5 thoughts on “On the easel…another mystery!

  1. Black or dark background really makes ones work pop, acrylics force me to work with the speed of light and is hard on my brushes, but not like encaustics. Though it is fun to work fast.


    • I’ve had to work almost exclusively in acrylic for the last two years because of “rules” using oil and associated smelly turpentines, etc at UW…although my first love is working with oil….however, now that I’ve gotten use to working at the speed of dry time, it takes some adjustment time going back to oil (now that I’m done with school.) And then there’s such a huge difference in color blending……


      • I like using Novo jars working my brush into different colors making my brush and the canvas my pallet working fast. I have not done this for several years now. Thanks for your comment.


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