Gunslinger Update

Gunslinger Update

While still not complete, the Gunslinger is getting closer by the hour – so far, I think about 60 hours of painting time have elapsed, with another 6 to 8 just studying shadowing and fabric folds….blah blah blah….I don’t supposed anyone would comment?


4 thoughts on “Gunslinger Update

  1. Looks nice to me…what size is it and which medium are you using? I am working on grapes and it took some time to get them where I wanted them. I suspect artists are their own worst critics.


    • You might be right – and then the light changes and……’s large for me 24″ x 30″ and it is oil on canvas. Grapes make me nervous, it’s the invisible translucence that challenges me….look at Peale’s work on still life’s…can’t remember which Peale, one of the sons I think….might help (?)


      • Thanks…I will check out Peale. I did the encaustic (on my blog) one which is a lot different then one I am finishing up now. I may not have the translucence I shall do me best.


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