On the easel this week….and last

The thing I miss most about being an art student is the Salon. Of course, I’ve surrounded myself with loved ones devoted to my talents, but bless their hearts, their ability to critique work on its own merits always ends in the “discussion” in which I’m encouraged to paint like I used to. And then, without delay, I paint something unworldly …. Well I’m at the stage in the creative process of this piece DSCF2823where I think I’m a horrible, terrible, very bad painter…..in other words, about to turn the corner.
I’ve yet to come up with a title, and may not write a statement about this piece for a few days, but I expect to finish it shortly. It’s oil on canvas and measures 18” x 24”.
Does anyone know of any online Salons….where artists constructively comment on each other’s work? (And yes, I know you can pay for that service on Deviant art, but it’s more fun and infinitely more satisfying when there’s a give and take, don’t you agree?)


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