Finally complete and its raining

“Passing Showers” 2015, oil on canvas, 48″ x 36″

I got to that point today, as it seems I always do in my process, when I thought I could keep repainting forever and this piece would never be any more complete than it is now. I should write a statement about this piece, but I’m lazy. well, okay, while painting this I came to think that the policy adopted in the U.S. regarding immigrants who arrived here illegally don’t have any rights of citizenship….and thus they take those hard labor jobs, like field workers….with no rights, except to work….is this a new form of slavery? That’s what I was thinking when I painted this and then I thought about how I was going to get people to look at that sky, at the rain…because we’re always ignoring the obvious.


3 thoughts on “Finally complete and its raining

  1. I really like how this one turned out. I like the boat color, I think the last time I remember that was in question. And I love the medieval feel of this painting – allegorical, almost. I saw it as people on a journey, uncertain, searching, needing to reassure each other, with the rest of the world calmly going about its ways…

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