I’ve Never Been Here…my confession

I found this snapshot of terraced rice in the fog (that I saved until now)…one of those images that I just had to paint…and while I was painting it I was thinking of this geographical location – somewhere in China.  China – I’ve been to Hong Kong, but never to this Yuanyang rice terrace in Yunnan Province.  Not the point.  I was thinking about relationships with China.  They do make a lot of the stuff we consume….cheap.  Then there’s the jobs thing, the political stuff, and they have Giant Pandas.  We’d definitely be better off if we didn’t consume so much “stuff” from China.   I just have to point out that the reason I kept this image in my mind (and my things to paint file) was the natural

oil on canvas, 36" x 36" complete but still wet

oil on canvas, 36″ x 36″ complete but still wet

juxtaposition of the fog against the clarity of the reflections in the flooded terraces, the brightness of the fog against the stark shadowing of the looming trees.  Its kind of like how I relate to China.


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