I couldn’t leave it alone

Last week I thought I had finished this piece.  Hah.  It stayed there on the easel until I convinced myself I should stop with the ambivalence and go for a brilliant sunset.  So.  Now it’s done.  Maybe.

Fence 2015

oil on canvas, 24″ x 30″

BORDERS: That Damn Fence

It doesn’t matter where you draw the line, if you put a fence on it, the people on one side or another are going to object.  I was thinking about how I could represent all those people who object and how I could best represent them….aaahhhh, the crow.  I created I don’t know how many drawings, in my mind, trying to accomplish creating the image of a bird “flipping the bird.”  One might think that I take one side or the other, or that this could be about the current Syrian crisis, or the porous borders of the U.S. with immigrants flooding over it…but no, one would be wrong.  This is really about habitat, environmental concerns and managing green spaces…pushing nature way back by limiting trees to that singular clump amid a sea of buildings, hugging the water and extending beyond the horizon.  The sun is either coming up, or going down.  You can take that as you may–use your imagination.DSCF4744