Nature’s Recompense

Nature's Recompense

Nature’s Recompense, 2016, oil on canvas, 16 x 20 inches


3 thoughts on “Nature’s Recompense

    • I might be able to help (?). This is Apollo Belvedere, thought to be the “most beautiful,” he is highly revered in the art history world. He is bobbing (which is highly improbable) in a large body of water…perhaps one that covers the world, the downside of all that melting ice. The climate changes, water covers everything, all is lost, except Apollo….nature spits him out, man’s idea of the most beautiful is saved—


      • I have heard of this statue, now that you say it. And I love the setting and story. I was thinking of him sinking and landing on the bottom with other antiquities, when I saw the image, now to be forgotten with so many other things that shouldn’t be, maybe, but – life works in that way and precious things as well as trash are lost.

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