how I spent Friday afternoon

Yes, it’s not done yet.


detail, work in progress, oil on canvas


4 thoughts on “how I spent Friday afternoon

  1. I extra like. There is something really funny and dark about this painting and I just love it.

    I had a Barbie from this era although she had the bouffant red hairdo. Otherwise the same. How you have captured her expression in this odd situation! I’ll repeat, I love it.


    • Thank you (again) Claudia. You’ve managed to tease out my age…yes, I had this Barbie…..and I sort of relate it to women of my age who were impressed by her shape as being one that became the standard, thin and shapely….who grew up thinking that perhaps…blah blah blah…and then women began having implant surgery (I think to look more like Barbie) – which is interesting – because the trend emerged at the same time the feminist movement (Gloria Steinem came along) arose. I think she was a big influence on our culture….beyond a toy….now she’s abandoned (a victim of climate change), floating in an ocean….hahahahhahaha


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