smile for the camera…

I’m using a very old family photograph as inspiration for this painting.


work in progress, oil on canvas, 24 x 30inches


If it were easy…

Not Invited copy

These pieces won’t be exhibited at the 2016 Anacortes Arts at the Port.

It might be that someday I will be able to fill a book with the list of rejections from art festivals, gallery showings and exhibitions, provided that I don’t go broke doling out entry fees for very carefully selected opportunities. I save them all. Generally, (and I feel it’s worth noting here) I receive a well-crafted email note about how many artists submitted their work, how much time and effort the juror put into the selection process, and how difficult it was to select some and reject others. But, not this time. A perfunctory and unheralded notation on the submission archive of Call for Entry, “not invited” is all you get from the Anacortes Arts at the Port. Don’t get me wrong, no artist expects a review…but the practice of letting one down easily with kind words in general terms shouldn’t be a thing of the past.