The birth of sunflowers…

That’s it.  I’ve spent days trying to capture just what it is that makes up my vision.  This, is as close as is necessary, I think.  No, I’m sure.    So, one can now ponder just how this matrix thing works.  Ha!

Acceptance Life in the Matrix 2016

Acceptance: [/life in the Matrix], 2016, oil on canvas, 30 x 40 inches


6 thoughts on “The birth of sunflowers…

    • Sometimes I think my mind won’t allow me to “wonder” about living in the Matrix….acceptance of things that aren’t quite right reconciles it for me…then I drift off into thinking about something equally disturbing: the fundamental knowability of nature – which in its simplest terms states that if you can actually locate (and look at) something like a neutrino you cannot know how fast it is traveling… you can know one, but not the other.

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      • I didn’t recognize the name, but how could I not? Total Recall (the movie) was based on Dick’s book….the 1990 version was particularly frightening. But no….I was following some piece on technology and read a speech by Elon Musk (hum…..I hate to think of Elon Musk as an influence on my art, but?) who stated that the odds were about a billion to one that we were not living in a matrix. It’s too complex for me, so I make little pictures that help me to reconcile that the more freedoms we appear to have, behind that curtain a giant propaganda machine is redefining what we think we know…..hurling forward into sameness, a dim existence. Then I delight myself by changing the subject – our shared reality is only possible because we are traveling through (or around?) the universe at the same speed! Hello there!

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