don’t you just hate it when you find out you’ve been duped?

and suddenly, a misplaced finger just deleted the lovely artist’s statement I had prepared….well, then, I guess the viewer  will have to deal with this on his own.  I do wonder, if the wobble in the atmosphere looks more like an isolated deluge rather than some molecular level entry point?


Ethical Illusions, from the series, [/life in the Matrix], 2016, oil on canvas, 30 x 30 inches


12 thoughts on “don’t you just hate it when you find out you’ve been duped?

  1. It looks like a portal has opened from an another dimension. I hope you don’t mind me saying but I find this painting to be incredibly sinister, a sense of a banal yet horrific revelation. In a novel by Philip K. Dick a character comes across some graffiti in a toilet stall that says ‘I’m alive and you are dead’, and everything clicks into place until he forgets it. Anyway I mean all the above as a compliment.

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    • I take all comments on my work as compliments! You see, if people take the time to comment it general means they took the time, their very valuable time, to look slowly and think about the piece – which ultimately is the point. (and thank YOU very much!) It is meant to elicit the idea of a portal, but the portal also represents the discovery of the existence of an alternate “truth.” Perhaps my work will become less sinister as the political cycle here in the US comes to some sort of end, or WikiLeaks quits publishing. It just occurred to me that portal may be representing the interwebs. haha

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      • My reading which I realise is subject to my own bias and you of course as the artist would have a much closer understanding of what is means is that the viewing kewpie doll witnesses this event of something coming from another dimension and that something is an identical replica of himself, he is not unique, he is manufactured by other powers with God knows what purpose in mind. Please correct me as I am probably a million miles off base, however I always like it when I hear another interpretation of my work to see how others see it

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      • Bias, interesting….in which sense? Perhaps, common perspective? I like that. We all agree the sky is blue and rain falls from the sky in random drops. However, and perhaps because while I think of myself as a pretty good technician when it comes to convincing people that I have a vision (haha)I’m a horrible photographer and so you may have missed something. It seems I have created a space where Kewpie finds himself on a rocky road and in the distance are two phenomena. Kewpie probably could have been an orange popsicle but, then I guarantee you we would not be discussing this! On the right, the viewer gets the impression (at least that is what is intended) that rain falls from the sky in symmetrical spouts, like giant unified droplets or a free flowing spout from the clouds. We can all agree this is pretty much imaginary, but accept it as normal to the landscape in the face of that dimensional wobble on the left. In other words, we accept the conditions portrayed on the right as inconsequential to the phenomena we cannot explain of the left! Kewpie can be said to have been intended to have some anthropomorphic awareness, as if his posture commits to some seeming awareness in reaction to a revelation, but it isn’t necessary to assign those qualities to the figure to come up with the same conclusion….do you think? Well it is on the order of the awareness of being unaware and compliant but having no options nor way out.

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      • My bias comes from my obsession and interests which can skewer what I view in a direction that artist never intended. I bow to your interpretation, i do very much like this painting, you have a unique perspective.

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