Yesterday I was working on my current piece, walked away, came back and decided that this was the day I ruined my painting.  I wanted to paint a big red x across the surface using a 5 inch brush and toss it in the corner.  I didn’t even go into the studio today.  I’m trying not to overwork this piece – as I have a tendency to do….but I am reminded of a quote by some famous master painter to the effect that artist should have at his side a man with a club to tell him when the  painting is done.


6 thoughts on “doubts

  1. I’d like to have one of those club wielders myself. The best thing is that you can always paint over it. Perhaps spray painting an X on the canvas and other graffiti style thoughts you have about the process could give the painting new life. I would love to see that version. It’s not so bad, considering all the other things that can go wrong. Best of luck.

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  2. I bet you didn’t ruin it. Don’t look at it for a few days or months. I bet if you put it away for 6 months and then looked at it again you’d think it was great. Or pretend someone else painted it, I bet you’d like it then. But we all ruin things from time to time. Get back on the horse 🐴.

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  3. Sounds to me like you are doing very well Dana – I think there are two extremes to be avoided: (1) thinking that everything you do is fantastic, and (2) being so unsure and critical that you never do anything.

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    • Well, the highest compliment I’ve ever received is fairly recent….marvelous comes to mind. Haha! Of course, good ol’ Giorgio de Chirico was totally serious when he dubbed himself the greatest artist of all time…or some equally assertive string of words! and, while I’m on the subject of art…..I saw an ad for an MFA program (Art & Law) that asserted lawyers are artists that use the law as their medium….I’m still nauseous.

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