Seventeen shades of white…

Today was the day that every single time I touched the canvas, some part, in contrast would fall apart or become completely flat. ¬†Tomorrow….after some beer.


work in progress, from the series 404 Page Not Found, oil on canvas, 24″ x 36″


3 thoughts on “Seventeen shades of white…

  1. Brilliant work. I am still trying to figure out how the statue looks completely solid and almost standing against the canvas. Takes a great deal of patience and skill to manage that. It looks fabulous as is. xo

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    • I think what you’re referring to is that old Rembrandt thing….a figure emerging from the dark, or shadows. It’s almost like sculpting with color…in this case 17 shades of white…which isn’t true, I used shades toned with yellow ochre, lamp black, raw umber and white…hahahaha….thank you so much for your comments, you cannot imagine how much I appreciate your kind words!

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      • You have inspired me to work harder. I love the idea of sculpting with colour but have never tried it as often with these nuanced tones. I will remember these tones when I practice with oils next. Thanks for sharing. xo

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