Oh, just stop it!

The Christmas Card Project, 2017, has come to an end.  These are the final three greetings that will be sent out!  Whew!  On to new stuff…or old stuff on new canvas….we’ll see.

Chicanery Continued

The Christmas Card Project is drawing to a close. If you’re unfamiliar, a couple of weeks ago I got the brilliant idea of sending hand painted oil on canvas greeting cards to my friends during the holidays. I’ve completed 15 and I may try to complete three more….I might be running out of ideas for greetings that are even loosely recognizable as being Christmas greetings, but I shall press on!


Remember when I didn’t finish this?

I sat this piece aside for a few days, added the reflections of those eyes in the shiny black tile floor and then never photographed it!  Ha!


Adaptation: 404 Page Not Found, 2017, oil on canvas, 36″ x 36″

I just dove into my next piece and didn’t go back – – – until today.  Adaptation, it’s such a lovely piece once you get used to the idea of it!

lofty goals

I haven’t sent Christmas cards in years…well, the odd one here or there. I’ve had all kinds of excuses – justified by digital messages on social media. It’s just not the same. I like sending something you can hold in your hand and SO…I decided that I would paint small oil on cheap canvas board paintings to mail to those on my list. It’s a pretty short list. AND, the themes seem to be only loosely related to the holiday. Take the guy with his headdress on fire. Someone’s hair is always on fire during the holidays…it’s like Thanksgiving will always bring a fouling of the kitchen sink, someone is bound to have a breakdown during Christmas. I thought I’d put that in an image. (haha? I don’t know…we’ll see)

Adding to the grandiose expectations I’ve heaped on myself, no two cards will be alike – similar, but not alike. It’s a good thing I’ve started early!

I’m pretty sure that image is corrupted…let’s call it a mirror malfunction, shall we?

Still a work in progress – though…while I type this I’m thinking I could paint on this for two days, a week, two months or six years and a lot of people just simply would not notice a difference. (or comment, or check the like button)So I may stop soon – as soon as I’m reasonably sure the work fairly represents my technical abilities – ’cause, you know….


work in progress, oil on cheap canvas, 30″ x 40″