It was a short run.

Can you tell I didn’t have a plan? I didn’t. I had 6 heavily gessoed 6″ x 6″ canvas boards ready to go. So I went for it. I did make a firm decision when it comes to favorite mediums…even where acrylics and polymers offer a lot in the way of innovation and the creative process….(sigh)…I find it’s much easier (and more satisfying) to manipulate oil paints and achieve bright and shiny colors!
So, this little group is at its end. Back to my oil paints!

Is there a face in this?


The Baroness Doran of Memphis, “tomatoes,” 2018, bad digital photography

If you haven’t noticed, I never post without including something I’ve created, well…painted more particularly…  But today, today is an exception – because I realized something that could be nothing, but I thought it was something about AI – – a subject I dance around in my paintings.  I’m getting to the point.
I was endeavoring to memorialize the end of the tomatoes in the garden by taking a picture for my notes.  I grabbed my camera, set it on auto and held it over the tomatoes – mind you I couldn’t see at this angle, I’m not that tall – and grabbed the shot.  As I was drawing the screen back to check, the familiar caution of “blink detected” in a red box flashed on the screen.  Blink Detected.  Okay, I was photographing tomatoes – they’re shiny, I get it.  But when I went to view the picture, the camera, in its own wisdom had changed the subject from landscape to portrait.  So, the artificial intelligence of the automatic selection of my trusty little camera detected a “blink” and changed the frame from landscape to portrait.  I can’t for the life of me make out anything in this composition that references that “two eyes” primal genetic recognition thingy we all have that assumes we are looking at a face. Or, does the camera see something I don’t?  What’s the algorithm for that?  Could 17 eyes also be a face?

I promised a point.


Okay.  Here’s one of my paintings that contains a subtext of an idea of artificial intelligence.

The March of Successes, 2018

The March of Successes, 2018, oil on canvas, 24″ x 30″

I think I see a trend here.

Or, more properly, a series.  I must be in the middle of it.   I think I’m a product of the data I consume.  And, just last week we received a ticket in the mail…someone ran the red at a congested left turn – – the authorities sent us a link to a video, plain and simple – the point being the camera, the eyes, everywhere.