The Blues Unplugged

The Blues Unplugged, 2019, oil on canvas, 24 x 30



Memphis Unplugged?

This has been slow and go, but there is good reason. I guess once in a while, as age dictates, we need a little upkeep and maintenance, and those endeavors drag us away from our passions! I’m recovering from a little facelift and it’s been challenge not to just nap the day away! I am getting back to the studio soon, revived and renewed.

The Baroness is in residence…

detail, untitled work in progress, oil on canvas, 2019

Did you miss me? Odds are, you didn’t. I actually started this page in hopes that I would garner a few comments, engage in conversation, talk art and such things, but no. It wasn’t to be. Anyway, I moved 2600 miles from **** to Tennessee. Haven’t put a brush to canvas in over 9 months! Was it an artist block? I don’t know….but, I am finally back in front of my easel in a light filled studio with my puppy, Picasso, at my feet. Occasionally, I step back and fear I’ll step on him!!

That gold thingy? It’s one of those micro-chips that people have planted in their arms…why? It makes for interesting conversation, no?

This Spring’s Published Pieces

Constantly trying to increase my audience, once again I submitted three pieces to be published in Clamor, the Art & Literary Journal of University of Washington, Bothell, and all three were accepted for publication. Yes, I am very happy!

The Birth of Venus, 2018, oil on cheap canvas, 18″ x 24″
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