Barbie as the observer…

This piece came into being some four years ago—the last time North Korea dominated the headlines with threats of destroying the west coast of the United States. I’ll just leave that there…..Barbie says it all.

Nukes, 2013

Nukes, 2013, mixed media on canvas board. Yes, that’s Kim Jong Un as a paper mask.


filthy art

I’m prompted to share because I am reminded that the disaster that was Fukushima is an ongoing event. This piece, this curiosity box resides on a table in my office. As I passed by this morning, I paused and picked it up. As I opened it, the stream of yellow acrylic sheet, neatly wound up and epoxied into the recycled spigot above fell out. Huh! The plug seems to have disappeared! How art mimics life, in subtle ways! I just learned that workers attempted to send in a robot to survey the problem and the radiation level took out the robot in an hour. Meanwhile, nuclear waste leaks in the Pacific. I love(d) fish? The filth part? I guess that’s the title of the piece, “The Irony of Fukushima.”

Decalcomania, my way

I was thinking about this piece the other day in the context of using acrylic as a medium…and then I thought about how I use oils. I think it might be time to play with some acrylics. Something about throwing caution to the wind because I feel that oils can be very limiting.


untitled, 2013, mixed media (acrylic, acrylic transfers) on canvas board, 10 x 12 inches

I used to experiment with fibers….

sculpted fiber (cotton linters, procion dyes) circa 1990

sculpted fiber (cotton linters, procion dyes) circa 1990

DSCF4386 DSCF4389

I can’t believe its been 25 years since I played with cotton linters…I managed to stretch this phase of my artistic career to span about three years. I was accepted into a few, well, I could say several juried exhibitions. Then there was kind of a misunderstanding of my work, which is not painted on hand-laid paper, the colors were created in separate batches of linters and I manipulated the wet fibers into an image before sponging out the water….it was a process I considered fine art, but at the time the rest of the world considered it a “craft.” huh.

On the easel…for more than a couple of days

Clicking through my “Things to Paint” folder (and lacking any other inspiration last week) I found this snapshot of terraced rice peaking out through the fog….so, this is where I an at in the process….I suspect tomorrow will be the day that I walk away convinced that I’ve mucked the entire thing up!

work in progress, oil on canvas, 36" x 36"

work in progress, oil on canvas, 36″ x 36″