Would you look at that!

The Birth of Venus

The Birth of Venus, 2018, oil on cheap canvas, 18″ x 24″


I think I see a trend here.

Or, more properly, a series.  I must be in the middle of it.   I think I’m a product of the data I consume.  And, just last week we received a ticket in the mail…someone ran the red at a congested left turn – – the authorities sent us a link to a video, plain and simple – the point being the camera, the eyes, everywhere.

I’ll have the soup, please.

I did have some good news over the weekend…together with the usual, “we encourage you to seek representation elsewhere…” I received notice that all three pieces that I submitted are to be published in the 2018 Clamor Arts & Literary Journal (University of Washington at Bothell.) How many pieces have I had published now? Must be something like a dozen – wow.


work in progress, oil on cheap canvas, 36″ x 36″ This seems like it’s taking forever