What day is it? I’ve lost count, but, it is still on the easel.

I fall in love with paintings I’m working on.  I’ve fallen hard for this one, which is a good thing because it will most likely only be done when I’m sick of it.  Hasn’t happened yet…but one day it will.

work in progress, oil on canvas, 48" x 36"

work in progress, oil on canvas, 48″ x 36″

The Curiosity Box

There is something about a box… but, more especially, one that suddenly strikes the eye, causing one to pause. What’s in there? Is it a treasure??? Surely it must be because logic (even bad logic) dictates that someone created that box, or bought it to store away items that, at a minimum, had some value, even if only intrinsic. I create boxes to entice the viewer…..a box that beckons. Screaming, actually, to be opened. As it turns out, the box is just a device….I could have painted a canvas….but the box reveals the story in two parts. I’m working on a box, the working title of which is “The Jihad Box.”

Gunslinger Update

Gunslinger Update

While still not complete, the Gunslinger is getting closer by the hour – so far, I think about 60 hours of painting time have elapsed, with another 6 to 8 just studying shadowing and fabric folds….blah blah blah….I don’t supposed anyone would comment?