Newspeak, 2017, oil on canvas, 36 x 48 inches

Despite all my self-imposed drama, I returned to the studio (ultimately happy that I resisted painting that big red X on my first painting of the year)….and here is the completed piece – Newspeak, the latest addition to my new series 404 Page Not Found.  I’ve dubbed the series so because I think my audience might think it amusing…. going on an adventure looking for answers that no longer exist (or were removed or corrupted) in a place uncertain and equally ethereal, once consisting of an orderly combination of zero’s and one’s.  Literally lost in the clouds.  Newspeak, the title, goes to the content of the piece in its entirety and whether we’ve seen the last of original thinking and the freedom to go beyond accepted rhetoric to the truth of the matter.  The word, newspeak, is not of my own making but borrowed from the pages of 1984, the book that accurately predicted Big Brother.