Fixed and dilated ….

More of my foray into government intrusion (spying) into our lives….or a healthy dose of paranoia?  Is there such a thing as a healthy dose of anything?  Ah, yes…humor!

Remember when I didn’t finish this?

I sat this piece aside for a few days, added the reflections of those eyes in the shiny black tile floor and then never photographed it!  Ha!


Adaptation: 404 Page Not Found, 2017, oil on canvas, 36″ x 36″

I just dove into my next piece and didn’t go back – – – until today.  Adaptation, it’s such a lovely piece once you get used to the idea of it!

The Fundamental Knowability of Nature

It’s a big title for a painting.  Of course, it has a story…based in quantum physics (of which I know very little.)  The fundamental knowability of nature explains, as an example, that the more precisely you locate the position of an atom, the more unlikely it will be that you can tell the speed at which it is traveling.  You can’t know both at once.  Remarkable.  I translated that idea into a visual image that correlates this blackbird’s place in man’s world.  Oh wait, does that work?


The Fundamental Knowability of Nature, 2016, oil on Canvas, 30″ x 40″