Ok, now you can call it a trend…

The Editors at Clamor, the Arts & Literary Journal at the University of Washington Bothell evidently found a compelling interest in the series [/life in the Matrix] and I’m pleased to announce each of my submissions has been selected for publication in the upcoming 2017 edition. Thank you Editors!These pieces challenge the acceptance of propaganda that disposes with the truth by pointing to an imaginary reality and part of series of work designed as [/life in the Matrix].My intention is clear, while the narrative might not be immediately recognizable, my art encourages the viewer to take a long look. In creating these pieces the visual clues I use are often contextually abstract and subjects are placed in improbable circumstances, bordering on the surreal, but based in realism.

Puzzles? I like puzzles…..

It’s the process then, isn’t it?  I so enjoyed working on this until I got to the point where I thought about the visual clues.   That’s Barbie under the model’s stand….but you cannot discern that fact from the feet alone.  Short of, what amounts to decapitating Barbie and randomly dropping her head somewhere in the foreground (the thought was too horrific to paint!)– a lone shoe appears.  I don’t know if that helps, but I like it…something more to ponder.


Murder in the Garden of Idols, 2017, oil on canvas, 30 x 40 inches