little bitty works

I’m working on a long-distance move and can’t fathom beginning anything of size—so I decided to keep painting, but in miniature size. (6″ x 6″) This is day two of a portrait work in progress.


Spying again? Those eyes are probably Russian surveillance, right?

I really think I’ve grown tired of painting on this.  If you haven’t noticed, this portrait has had at least three different facial expressions – and if you haven’t guessed, portraits are not my strong suit….so.  I worked on this for over two months!  (I haven’t spent that much time with one painting for over 40 years.)  It’s just too long…except for the fact that until today, it did not look at all like Dresden…now it does.

good grief…

I’ve been wandering around doing little projects, like this little study of my grandson – who didn’t call me back.  He was supposed to tell me what in the world he’d like for his 12th birthday.  I threatened to send him a pink bunny suit.  Still, no call.  I think he’s getting a portrait.  I have just realized “WHY?” I feel so blah, so uninspired.  My muse, the one who used to taunt me with theoretical physics and associated things that make my brain hurt – well, he moved.  I miss those talks.  Ah, the fundamental knowability of nature…..


study of Vinny, 2016, oil on canvas, 5 x 7 inches, gallery wrapped and painted.