before…(after is probably nearer than I think)

Sometimes I feel like, well, in the case of me and my art-making, that painting is a little like constructing a sentence.  The piece needs a subject…without a subject, well, you don’t really have anything….  That’s because, from my perspective, I work with a subject in mind….but, I’m painting along and suddenly I’ve come to realize that I do not know what the subject is here….it’s just too ambiguous I think.  And, there.  I’ve said nothing as well.


Ok, now you can call it a trend…

The Editors at Clamor, the Arts & Literary Journal at the University of Washington Bothell evidently found a compelling interest in the series [/life in the Matrix] and I’m pleased to announce each of my submissions has been selected for publication in the upcoming 2017 edition. Thank you Editors!These pieces challenge the acceptance of propaganda that disposes with the truth by pointing to an imaginary reality and part of series of work designed as [/life in the Matrix].My intention is clear, while the narrative might not be immediately recognizable, my art encourages the viewer to take a long look. In creating these pieces the visual clues I use are often contextually abstract and subjects are placed in improbable circumstances, bordering on the surreal, but based in realism.

In the clearest possible terms…Woman: 404 Page Not Found

My documentary skills are no accident, I’m all thumbs with a camera – and I happen to know that a tripod would greatly increase my successes.  But, do I have a tripod?  Have I looked for one?  Ha.  That led to me thinking that if this was photographed adequately the viewer would notice that this scene takes place somewhere in the universe, suspended in space.  I thought it was important enough to the statement that I point it out.  So I did.  I’ve also added some details.



Newspeak, 2017, oil on canvas, 36 x 48 inches

Despite all my self-imposed drama, I returned to the studio (ultimately happy that I resisted painting that big red X on my first painting of the year)….and here is the completed piece – Newspeak, the latest addition to my new series 404 Page Not Found.  I’ve dubbed the series so because I think my audience might think it amusing…. going on an adventure looking for answers that no longer exist (or were removed or corrupted) in a place uncertain and equally ethereal, once consisting of an orderly combination of zero’s and one’s.  Literally lost in the clouds.  Newspeak, the title, goes to the content of the piece in its entirety and whether we’ve seen the last of original thinking and the freedom to go beyond accepted rhetoric to the truth of the matter.  The word, newspeak, is not of my own making but borrowed from the pages of 1984, the book that accurately predicted Big Brother.

it’s so last year….

It took a while.  I had some issues to work through with that burst of energy.  I don’t think it makes much of a difference as the painting goes…or as it’s read…it was just my own dissatisfaction I guess.  Or, it could be that I just kept painting on it until I thought of a title.  I did.  Truth: 404_Page Not Found.


Truth: 404_Page Not Found, 2016, oil on canvas, 30 x 30 inches