The Baroness is in residence…

detail, untitled work in progress, oil on canvas, 2019

Did you miss me? Odds are, you didn’t. I actually started this page in hopes that I would garner a few comments, engage in conversation, talk art and such things, but no. It wasn’t to be. Anyway, I moved 2600 miles from **** to Tennessee. Haven’t put a brush to canvas in over 9 months! Was it an artist block? I don’t know….but, I am finally back in front of my easel in a light filled studio with my puppy, Picasso, at my feet. Occasionally, I step back and fear I’ll step on him!!

That gold thingy? It’s one of those micro-chips that people have planted in their arms…why? It makes for interesting conversation, no?

Good lord, do you have to be so dramatic?


The Privacy of Innocents, 2018, oil on cheap canvas, 16″ x 20″ or so.

I was checking my email this morning and came to the realization that Google was scanning (and that’s probably the very least) the content in emails from actual people I know. I realized this when an email I received of two jokes from a friend in the form of attachments. One attachment was called two walnuts, the other was something less specific. Now, after the attachments in the body of the message were three added clickable boxes – – intuitively I thought a good guess for these boxes was to send a quick seemingly appropriate response – – one said Yum!, the second said Yummy! and the third said, Thank you! These added little boxes aren’t present in emails from oh say, the bank, the airlines, Google travel or others…just from actual people I know. I’ve long suspected that there wasn’t any privacy attached to electronic communications like there is when you write a letter, put a stamp on it and mail it. It is still a federal law that opening someone else’s mail is punishable for up to 5 years in prison. But apparently email isn’t exactly mail. So I’m guessing that unless you have to pay a tax – like put a stamp on it – there will be no privacy in your email. Huh. Then I finished this piece and named it, The Privacy of Innocents.

Spying again? Those eyes are probably Russian surveillance, right?

I really think I’ve grown tired of painting on this.  If you haven’t noticed, this portrait has had at least three different facial expressions – and if you haven’t guessed, portraits are not my strong suit….so.  I worked on this for over two months!  (I haven’t spent that much time with one painting for over 40 years.)  It’s just too long…except for the fact that until today, it did not look at all like Dresden…now it does.


That’s so funny.  I was photographing this piece today and my camera lectured me with a big hello digital warning that someone in the photo had blinked.  Aside from the impossibility, I’m a little angry with my camera…if it so damn smart then why oh why can I not take a photo without glare?  I’m blaming my camera.  My camera blames me…when will it end?

It is the end of this piece though.  I was thinking of adding a ribbon to hold that fish atop my model’s head, but no….I thought it might be a bit too distracting.  The title?  The Vanity of Technologies.   Right?

I’ll have the soup, please.

I did have some good news over the weekend…together with the usual, “we encourage you to seek representation elsewhere…” I received notice that all three pieces that I submitted are to be published in the 2018 Clamor Arts & Literary Journal (University of Washington at Bothell.) How many pieces have I had published now? Must be something like a dozen – wow.


work in progress, oil on cheap canvas, 36″ x 36″ This seems like it’s taking forever