how would you paint that?

Patience is a VirtueSeven days later…I think I’ve expressed the idea that I envisioned when I began this project…a narrative that shows, well, restraint or thoughtful determination in a tough situation–the juxtaposition of the act of smoking a cigarette against the closeness of gun to his hand–it smells of deception….I’ve titled it, “Patience is a Virtue.”

“Patience is a Virtue,” oil on canvas, 24″ x 30″



On the Easel, Day Four…”Who Are You?”

DSCF2864I’m painting this piece for entry into an exhibition by the same name, “Who Are You?”  It’s going amazing well, for me anyway…I mean to say that I’m feeling comfortable that my technical skills are developing and permitting me to accurately reflect my vision.

Is any painting ever really done?

Things Are Exactly As They Appear_2014_acrylic on canvas_24 x 30
At the suggestion of a fellow artist, who couldn’t tell that there was a gun in the pocket of the hoodie, and that one hand was too large, that it’s size didn’t fit the perspective……I went back and made some adjustments. Then, I spent the next few weeks trying to document it.