Memphis Unplugged?

This has been slow and go, but there is good reason. I guess once in a while, as age dictates, we need a little upkeep and maintenance, and those endeavors drag us away from our passions! I’m recovering from a little facelift and it’s been challenge not to just nap the day away! I am getting back to the studio soon, revived and renewed.

It was a short run.

Can you tell I didn’t have a plan? I didn’t. I had 6 heavily gessoed 6″ x 6″ canvas boards ready to go. So I went for it. I did make a firm decision when it comes to favorite mediums…even where acrylics and polymers offer a lot in the way of innovation and the creative process….(sigh)…I find it’s much easier (and more satisfying) to manipulate oil paints and achieve bright and shiny colors!
So, this little group is at its end. Back to my oil paints!