So, ah, I started something new….


work in progress, detail, oil on canvas, 30 x 40 inches

This is fun, isn’t it?  It doesn’t really have much “context,”  this is detail that I was working on today, roughly one-third of a larger piece.  As I was painting, I was thinking that glass is a temptation!  Is this Adam and Eve after the reboot?  And, that’s where context would help.  Where are these two?

filthy art

I’m prompted to share because I am reminded that the disaster that was Fukushima is an ongoing event. This piece, this curiosity box resides on a table in my office. As I passed by this morning, I paused and picked it up. As I opened it, the stream of yellow acrylic sheet, neatly wound up and epoxied into the recycled spigot above fell out. Huh! The plug seems to have disappeared! How art mimics life, in subtle ways! I just learned that workers attempted to send in a robot to survey the problem and the radiation level took out the robot in an hour. Meanwhile, nuclear waste leaks in the Pacific. I love(d) fish? The filth part? I guess that’s the title of the piece, “The Irony of Fukushima.”

fish for dinner?

It’s hard to paint the unimaginable.  This may take a while – I’ve settle into the idea that perhaps the reason I’m struggling to reconcile my technical skills with my imagination is that the idea of radiation constantly leaking into the environment is so awful that….well, it can’t actually be pleasant to look at….but it this case….argh.  Comments welcome.

pressing all the buttons at once….