The Baroness is in residence…

detail, untitled work in progress, oil on canvas, 2019

Did you miss me? Odds are, you didn’t. I actually started this page in hopes that I would garner a few comments, engage in conversation, talk art and such things, but no. It wasn’t to be. Anyway, I moved 2600 miles from **** to Tennessee. Haven’t put a brush to canvas in over 9 months! Was it an artist block? I don’t know….but, I am finally back in front of my easel in a light filled studio with my puppy, Picasso, at my feet. Occasionally, I step back and fear I’ll step on him!!

That gold thingy? It’s one of those micro-chips that people have planted in their arms…why? It makes for interesting conversation, no?


That’s so funny.  I was photographing this piece today and my camera lectured me with a big hello digital warning that someone in the photo had blinked.  Aside from the impossibility, I’m a little angry with my camera…if it so damn smart then why oh why can I not take a photo without glare?  I’m blaming my camera.  My camera blames me…when will it end?

It is the end of this piece though.  I was thinking of adding a ribbon to hold that fish atop my model’s head, but no….I thought it might be a bit too distracting.  The title?  The Vanity of Technologies.   Right?

I’ll have the soup, please.

I did have some good news over the weekend…together with the usual, “we encourage you to seek representation elsewhere…” I received notice that all three pieces that I submitted are to be published in the 2018 Clamor Arts & Literary Journal (University of Washington at Bothell.) How many pieces have I had published now? Must be something like a dozen – wow.


work in progress, oil on cheap canvas, 36″ x 36″ This seems like it’s taking forever

All the parts…

I like to look at paintings up close….so, I thought, dear viewers, you might like to see what my camera work leaves out – – I added several detail photos here.  As you can see, a close up view reveals (that what might appear to be an over-aggressive brush when you view this piece as a whole)  0’s and 1’s  are dissolving from view…or that’s what it’s supposed to be anyway.  There are those that hypothesize  we do not live in a base reality, that the universe is merely a hologram – a projection of reality.  Well,