Still working…yes, in case you missed it…this is a portrait.  Somehow when I was planning this it didn’t seem as “busy” as it is when painting it.  This may take a while.  The canvas is sucking up paint like…well, cheap canvas!


This will take a while…..

It’s summer and I’m bound to remember it!  I’m currently working on this portrait of Dresden.  The bucket was his idea, as were the snow shoes.  He’s a very independent kind a guy.

Yes, it’s hot.

I was going to paint today – but my studio is sweltering.  Hunkered down over my laptop I decided to check art jobs for leads on possible opportunities to show my work.  Good idea.  I ran across something called wake up screaming….oh!  That’s me!   They seem to be looking for art that includes some reference to the sun.  Ah yes, I have painted the sun.  When I painted the sun, I believe I was missing it – it was probably cold outside (and raining) – and, as I often do, found myself mourning the loss of my precious view of the sun dipping into the vast blue Pacific between Molokai and Lana’i.


“Loss of View” 2013, 16″ x 24″ acrylic on canvas