in progress

I didn’t want to start anything big this week, so, I’m working on this little 12″ x 12″ because I need to paint!



still life with whine

And, you thought I’d finally given up painting?  Well, it has been a while since I’ve done anything worth sharing.   This is what is on the easel at the moment, a nice piece featuring a glass of spilled wine – – spillage without breaking the glass!  It’s a miracle!  A glass saved…although, saved or not, I can’t help but wonder if that bow had anything to do with it.  It’s a work in progress – needing much more paint!  Oil on cheap canvas,


work in progress, oil on cheap canvas, 36″ x 36″

36 ” square.

lofty goals

I haven’t sent Christmas cards in years…well, the odd one here or there. I’ve had all kinds of excuses – justified by digital messages on social media. It’s just not the same. I like sending something you can hold in your hand and SO…I decided that I would paint small oil on cheap canvas board paintings to mail to those on my list. It’s a pretty short list. AND, the themes seem to be only loosely related to the holiday. Take the guy with his headdress on fire. Someone’s hair is always on fire during the holidays…it’s like Thanksgiving will always bring a fouling of the kitchen sink, someone is bound to have a breakdown during Christmas. I thought I’d put that in an image. (haha? I don’t know…we’ll see)

Adding to the grandiose expectations I’ve heaped on myself, no two cards will be alike – similar, but not alike. It’s a good thing I’ve started early!

I’m pretty sure that image is corrupted…let’s call it a mirror malfunction, shall we?

Still a work in progress – though…while I type this I’m thinking I could paint on this for two days, a week, two months or six years and a lot of people just simply would not notice a difference. (or comment, or check the like button)So I may stop soon – as soon as I’m reasonably sure the work fairly represents my technical abilities – ’cause, you know….


work in progress, oil on cheap canvas, 30″ x 40″

before…(after is probably nearer than I think)

Sometimes I feel like, well, in the case of me and my art-making, that painting is a little like constructing a sentence.  The piece needs a subject…without a subject, well, you don’t really have anything….  That’s because, from my perspective, I work with a subject in mind….but, I’m painting along and suddenly I’ve come to realize that I do not know what the subject is here….it’s just too ambiguous I think.  And, there.  I’ve said nothing as well.