Final Cut: Nature’s Recompense, Part II

When I first sketched this out in my notebook, I wrote:

The most beautiful – Apollo Belvedere…

diluted and mixed races

– the best of all.

The most admired qualities of life embodied in

fair skies and calm seas,  Man’s decline

self-destructs into sameness

the same for every human being in

every aspect of life, a limb made limp

each leaf the same.

In retrospect, its really not that dramatic this climate change.

Nature_s Recompense_Part II

Nature’s Recompense: Part II, 2016, oil on canvas, 16″ x 20″


Nature’s Recompense: Part II

Still working, and thinking that a crow perched on that hand would bring a bit more context to the piece.  Not to mention, I like blackbirds.  Here we have Apollo Belvedere’s hand bobbing along, the extension of his torso as depicted in Nature’s Recompense (posted last week.)


work in progress (tentatively Nature’s Recompense: Part II, oil on canvas, 16 x 20 inches


Don’t know what came over me….

I have succumbed to pressure from my muse…my keeper….my buddy and pal….who declared that I had “cheaped out” by not putting neon lights in the window and detailing the woman drinking wine.  He said that woman looked like a cartoon.  I guess that’s how I’m motivated….by comparing my work to cartoons.  Thanks.  I changed it—-I hope he’s happy.