What next?

The Baroness says she feels like she’s a real slacker. So, she’s working away on little pencil drawings…that may become big paintings one of these days. We’re watching with great interest as she sketches away and then stares longingly toward that huge prepared canvas towering on the other side of the studio.

King Cock

“King Cock,” 2021, oil on canvas, 34” x 72”

The Baroness is bored with this one. She has complained most vigorously that painting and repainting for details and oil luster is simply not worth it! Of course the Baroness was going for accolades, but even her most ardent fans have become weary over the time it has taken to call this cock finally done. It seems they don’t even have the strength to tap the like button much less write a comment…

She has pronounced, with her signature on the royal scroll, “cock’s ready!”

Painting sideways.

Work in Progress

The Baroness is certain she’s spent more than 60 hours hard at work at her easel on this piece. It is obviously not done….you see, in order to avoid falling off a ladder, the Baroness turns the canvas sideways to work, and then reorients the position to check progress! It’s definitely a work of love!

The Baroness must admit we’re a bit cocky today…