Monogamy in the 21st Century

The Baroness of Eads, The Birth of Technology, 2021, oil on canvas

The Baroness offered, “So, the age old question (Which came first, the chicken or the egg?) is at play when a rooster apparently questions the paternity of a newly hatched egg. It’s a technology question. Did AI create humans (and we really live in the matrix) or did humans create technology? ”

“Again with the black and white squares?”

“Oh yes,” said the Baroness as she imagined herself smoking a cigarette while thinking, what hell is this? “The black and white squares add a finite depth to the composition…we wouldn’t want it going on forever, and symbolize the zeros and ones that all computers use to calculate the unimaginable.”

“Lovely. Again with the cartoons.”

“Did I tell you it was a diptych?”

The Baroness of Eads Presents

Olympia in the Day of Technology, 2021

Would it help if I explained the thought process behind the work? The Baroness is fond of art history and occasionally draws reference, or pays homage to great works by incorporating their symbolism, coloration or subject matter into her own surrealistic works of art rendered in oil on canvas.

I do suppose that some people are so taken aback by the abruptness of those ever present eyes attached to a classical musical instrument, that they fail to see that these prying eyes are meant to represent the cameras (and microphones) we have come to expect to be watching and listening to our every commonplace, but in the recent past private, moves and utterances. The boudoir is not spared.

4 Angry Horses and a Portrait

Baroness of Eads, “4 Angry Horses,” oil on canvas, 30” x 40”

Behind every picture there is a story. This story is about four horses leaving California and making a long journey east to Georgia via trailer. They stopped every three or four hours along the way to rest. When they arrived in Mississippi they were unloaded to spend some time in a pasture. The picture says it all!

I work on this every day.

And every day I think, perhaps this is the day I muck the whole thing up…change one point of color and the whole thing fades away…goes back to feeling very two dimensional, which is not what I’m looking to achieve. There are places where the highlights in the oil just glitter. We’ll see. You be the judge. It is still a work in progress.